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We are the Irwins - Jenn, Chris, and our three boys. One of our passions has always been balance. Most people spend their lives trying to do more and get more, which is the wrong approach. You don’t need most of the things you have. It’s just crap that clutters up your life. And going 100 miles an hour all the time will ultimately burn you out. A much better idea is to simplify things, and put your focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of what you have, and what you do.


We came to this realization somewhat out of necessity. We were both career Naval Officers who traveled the world and moved to a new location every few years. Carting around a ton of stuff just became impractical. When faced with moving to a fully furnished house in St. Thomas ten years ago we decided to simply sell nearly everything we owned. And we didn’t end up missing any of it. In fact it was quite liberating. We also ended up starting the first CrossFit gym in the Virgin Islands and learned how fitness and nutrition do not need to be difficult or complicated. Nor do they need to be time-consuming.


We learned a lot of other lessons along the way and over the years we’ve come up with a recipe of sorts for balanced living. The basic idea is to “see” everything through the lens of Simplicity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness (SEE), and then apply this to your Health, your Home, and your Habits (3H’s). This is the Balanced Life. It’s not about having the most things. It’s about having the right things. It’s not about doing a lot. It’s about doing what works. And ultimately it’s about creating more time and energy, by wasting less time and energy.


So if you’d like to learn more please read on. Here you'll find simple recipes, organizational tips and tricks, and ideas for self-care to help you achieve your own balanced life. If you're ready, let's get started!

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